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Jewels - One that compliments any attire


Jewelry is like Ice cream, there is always room for more!!!!

Be it a traditional outfit or a quick fix to add the extra zing to the office attire, jewels can do that extra bit of magic. We will provide you with the extra bit of magic to match and compliment your attire as you want, in the color you want in the design we offer. Our goal is to provide unique and beautiful piece of jewelry to your satisfaction.

Browse through our website or contact us for more design options and colors.

Well, you didn't find anything that matched your attire? Not to worry. We customize the jewelry according to your needs in the color and the design you have in mind. We can get it done for you.

Each piece is uniquely handmade to suit you needs. 

Silk Thread jewelry

We at SaRa Kreations, create majestic  silk thread jewelry. Wonder how we make it. Here it is.

We wrap the plastic base with high quality silk thread of vibrant colors and then decorate it with stones and pearls. We offer jewelry in the following categories:

  • Chains

  • Earring 

  • Bangles

  • Chain and Earring combo 

Browse our catalog to find a variety of color combinations and design choices available.

Beaded Jewelry

We are SaRa Kreations, create exquisite jewelry with beads.We use unique glass,crystal and pearl beads to make stunning piece of jewelry. We offer beaded jewelry in the following categories:

  • Chains

  • Earrings

  • Chain - Earring combo

Browse our catalog to find a variety of color combinations and design choices available.


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SaRa Kreations creates with one vision in mind - to make and sell elegant and unique jewelry that is both beautiful and elegant. Take a look through our catalog and build your own jewelry. Contact us for more!!

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+44 7438566841

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Silk Thread Jewelry